The Blues Sister's Funky Five & Dime & Found Stuff Emporium

She's always been there. Just offstage, in the sound booth, dealing with the parole officers. The Blues Sister has been behind the scenes with the band ever since the first Bluesmobile rolled out of the junkyard. You can bet she's collected a lifetime of souvenirs and scrap metal, some of it awesome, some of it just weird. Maybe she’s got the right keepsake for you. Dig around and you’ll find it.

Poppy Store

Poppy's is actually a "mom 'n' mom" store, founded by Blues Sister Jenny Belushi and her friend, Heather Whitney. They have a classic selection of classy clothes for small tikes. Things can get a little pricey, but Jake always says, The price don't matter if it feels right.Go »

Poppy Store Brentwood, at Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street
Santa Monica, more »
  • Jenny Belushi & Whitney Rosenfield Jenny Belushi & Whitney Rosenfield Poppy Store was founded by Jenny Belushi and Heather Whitney Rosenfield, two mothers who became friends and bonded over their young children and shared love of design. In response to a need they found in shopping for their own kids, they decided to open the first Poppy Store at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica,

Midnight Farm

I overheard someone say, “This store has some of the best shit in the entire Universe…” and it’s true. Upscale and edgy, Midnight farm has an eclectic inventory to peak just about anyone’s fancy. However, it is dangerous for the faint of heart in terms of sticker shock. I do not have a problem with expensive items. I just can’t afford them. But with careful rummaging, you can find some cool things in every price range. I’ve done the rummaging for you, but if you ever more »
  • Tamara Weiss & Carly Simon Tamara Weiss & Carly Simon Tamara Weiss’s passion for all things beautiful, textural, organic, reclaimed, hand made or unique. Tamara travels the world and gains inspiration from the artists, musicians and friends she meets along the way, including her friend and business partner, Carly Simon.

Kate Taylor's Wampum

If you've ever had the pleasure to hear Sister Kate sing her songs, with that familial, fine finger-picking on guitar, then you know this woman is filled to the point of overflowing with talent. Her jewelry is crafted from the purple and white shells found on the beautiful beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, where she lives and works.

The specific clamshell from which she shapes her magic is called a quahog and is native to the northern Atlantic Ocean. The Wampum is cut from more »
  • Kate Taylor Kate Taylor

Jessica Pisano - Fine Art

I like funky, bluesy shit, but I also have some class. Sometimes I just like to look at things cause they’re nice to look at. I almost never get the boys to go with me into any place that even resembles a respectable gallery, but they like this artist. Of course, she’s not hard on the eyes, either. These are some of my favorites.Go »

Newport, more »
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