Culled straight from the Illinois State County Municipal Offender Data System (SCMODS), these are Jake and Elwood's most dangerous, most wanted, and most talented fellow travelers. To this day, thick as thieves. Which some of them still are. Take a scroll through this rogue's gallery to see what they're up to.

  • 34 years ago, on March 5, 1982, we lost actor, bluesman, comedian, superstar --and my brother -- John Belushi. Recently, our family has taken over this site, and I am proud and pleased to be its webmaster. It seems an appropriate time to take on this task; the years have given perspective and we are grateful for the work and memories John left behind. And so I look forward to helping create a "new" As my sister-in-law, Judy said, "We will not be just the facts; we'll be unabashedly the heart. You might say it's a love letter to John."
  • The Official Blues Brothers Revue The Official Blues Brothers Revue FOR BOOKING INFO FOR OBBR Go »

    “This show was off the hook! Everyone had a great time from 8-to-88 years old “ Sheila Martin, CEO, Dunn Center for the Performing Arts, Rocky Mount, NC

    Dear Blues Brothers [Revue], I don’t expect to get a response, but that’s okay, that’s not what I’m looking for. I just have to say to you, as their manager, and to them as performers, [how] impressed I was by their performance at West Haven Savin Rock Festival. Never have I been more entertained at a concert. To put it simply, for the first few minutes my brother and I thought, “WOW, they look so much like Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.” However, by the end we thought, “No, that’s Jake and Elwood Blues.” They played up the crowd, allowed kids to get into the action, and captured everything that we think of when we watch the Blues Brothers. They put on an amazing performance, and I am so glad we waited through the rain and muck to see them! It was definitely worth our time...and we plan on seeing them again as soon as we can. Sincerely, Randy McGaffin

  • House of Blues House of Blues More than your average music club, the House of Blues was founded in 1992. Born out of a dream to keep America's beloved roots music rocking and rambling along, the Blues Brothers teamed with Isaac Tigrett (original co-founder of Hard Rock Café) to create an umbrella for the music and culture of the uniquely American experience. It's since grown to include thirteen of the finest performance venues in America, from Boston to Orlando to Hollywood. Also a proud purveyor of folk art, delta-inspired cuisine, and the diversity and brotherhood of world culture, the club also sponsors a non-profit foundation that works to teach students about American culture and history through the combined arts. Not bad for a couple kids who cut their teeth in a Rock Island orphanage and the Illinois penal system. Go »
  • Crystal Head Vodka Crystal Head Vodka Dan Aykroyd’s lifelong obsession with the spirit world has now led him into the world of fine spirits, namely the ultra-pure, quadruple-distilled Crystal Head Vodka, made from the pristine waters of Newfoundland glaciers and filtered through 500 million-year-old Herkimer diamonds — stones said to possess mystical qualities. Try some for yourself and feel the source. Go »

  • The Bluesmobile with Elwood Blues The Bluesmobile with Elwood Blues The online home for Elwood’s House of Blues Radio Hour. Nationally syndicated in the U.S. and Canada, it’s the premier radio showcase for classic bluesmen and all the eclectic music they inspire. Hop on over to THE BLUESMOBILE to find when and where you can catch the show and to immerse yourself in the history of the blues. Go »
  • JIM BELUSHI & THE BOARD OF COMEDY JIM BELUSHI & THE BOARD OF COMEDY With more than thirty years of experience and an alumnus of “Saturday Night Live” and Chicago’s famed Second City, JIM BELUSHI is now bringing to the stage an improvised comedy sketch show featuring members of the Chicago Board of Comedy. Belushi starred on the ABC hit comedy "According to Jim,” on which he also served as executive producer, music composer and director. After wrapping 182 episodes for its eighth and final season, the family favorite series also hit a milestone when it launched into off-net syndication in 2007. A favorite of film, television and stage audiences, Belushi is one of the great leading character actors equally at home in drama and comedy, and a gifted performer who can also hold a room as front man of a rhythm and blues band.

    Accompanying Belushi are Larry Joe Campbell, Jon Barinholtz, Megan Grano, Josh Funk, and Brad Morris, all of whom are classically trained professional improvisers who tour regularly nationwideTour dates.Go »
  • Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts Jim Belushi & The Sacred Hearts When Jim Belushi is not rocking' the mic with Elwood, Jim Belushi keeps his own band on the road, the original House of Blues house band, the Sacred Hearts. Also all you need to know about Jim Belushi.Go »
  • Jami Bess Belushi Jami Bess Belushi Jami Bess Belushi is a prolific singer and songwriter who has just finished writing and recording her tenth song in the studio. A born performer, Jami began singing for an audience when she was six years old and was featured on the television show "According to Jim" as tween pop star Jami McFame. Additionally, Jami appeared in six other episodes of "According to Jim" and has shined in dozens of stage musicals.
  • Matt 'Guitar' Murphy Matt 'Guitar' Murphy Matt Murphy was born in Sunflower, Mississippi On 27th December,1929 He was already a legend among serious guitarists by the 1960s, famed for the incredibly fast and intricate blues riffs that would soon change rock and roll. While white rock and rollers were still playing the slow melodic riffs of "Love One Another" or the slow fuzzy riffs of "Wild Thing," a few (like Eric Clapton, Rick Derringer and Jeff Beck) were listening to the flying fingers of BB King and Matt Murphy and trying to emulate them.
    Murphy did not have a band of his own until 1982, but played with many famous bands. Among them (more or less chronologically):
    Howlin' Wolf, Little Junior Parker, Ike Turner, Memphis Slim, James Cotton,
    Otis Rush, Etta James, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Chuck Berry, Joe Louis Walker,
    Shaboo All-Stars and of course The Blues Brothers.

  • Legends In Concert Legends In Concert Celebrated as the pioneer of live tribute shows, Legends in concert has assembled the greatest collection of live tribute artists in the industry, and the Blues Brothers have reigned as one of their top acts for two decades. With theaters in several destinations, including Vegas, Branson and Myrtle Beach, the show is known for elaborate theatrical sets, magnificent costumes and full array of incredible special effects – with three dimensional multimedia and multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art lighting, laser and sound systems. Truth be told, Jake and Elwood wouldn’t normally be found in a swank joint like this if it wasn’t that the show girls kind a like to keep them around.Go »
  • Dan Aykroyd Wines Dan Aykroyd Wines Traveling the globe as an international musician and movie star, Dan’s had more than his fair share of the world’s finest wines. So, naturally, he’s curated some of his favorites under his own private label to highlight the best of these local producers for the rest of us. Go »
  • Universal Studios Orlando Strollers Universal Studios Orlando Strollers When visiting Universal Studios Orlando or Hollywood, be sure to watch out for Jake and Elwood tooling around in the Bluesmobile. The boys take to the streets as the inspiration hits them, to strut their stuff and sing a few tunes for your audio and visual enjoyment.Go »

  • Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock Paul Shaffer's Day in Rock Before he was David Letterman's bandleader, he was Jake and Elwood's. The original musical maestro at the heart of the Blues Brothers soul infused sound. Now, in addition to his Late Show Directorship, Paul's the Musical Director for the Official Blues Brothers Revue, and he's got a daily radio gig worth checking out as well. Go »
  • Sam Moore Sam Moore The original 'Soul Man.' One half of the legendary Sam & Dave, bluesmen extraordinaire with over 10 million records sold. Still going strong. An American treasure. Go »
  • Eddie Floyd Eddie Floyd One of the finest songwriters to emerge from the 1960s Memphis R&B powerhouse Stax Records and frequent collaborator of the Original Blues Brothers Band guitarist Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper. If it's a tune that just makes you get up on the dance floor, odds are good that he wrote it, played on it, or had a hand in it. See what he's up to now. Go »
  • Second City Second City The original college of comedy, where it all began for John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi and hundreds of others. Fifty years of funny and still as funny as ever. If you’re going to Chicago (or Toronto or Hollywood) stop in for a show you’ll never forget. Tell them Jake and Elwood sent you and they may not let you in… Go »
  • Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live The place where America first caught sight of Jake and Elwood. Always reinventing itself, and somehow, always coming back on top. Check out the latest sketches as well as the timeless classics. Go »
  • Jessica Pisano Jessica Pisano The Artist in the family. Jessica paints from the same place the Blues Brothers sing. It's a thing of beauty. Enrich yourself and take a look. Go »
  • Mike Eudenbach Mike Eudenbach Award winning photographer Michael Eudenbach is known for his dynamic compositions and strong use of motion, both which come in handy when trying to grab an image of Jake and Elwood.Go »

  • Tanner Colby Tanner Colby The fresh-faced accomplice. An orphan from Sister Mary Stigmata's home for wayward boys, taken in by the Blues family to serve as adjunct biographer and occasional steno-grapher. He writes books about other stuff, too. Go »


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