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You might say that Jake and Elwood Blues ran one of most successful crime families ever to come out of Chicago. We’ve always been a tight-knit affair.

In the early days, John Belushi’s wife Judy helped define the Blues Brothers’ iconic im-age, designing their logo, their record albums and raiding her father’s tie collection to find just the right skinny black tie. Along the way, she also produced a compendium book to the movie, entitled Blues Brothers: Private, which was co-written with John's spiritual brother, Tino Insana, copy edited by Judy's mother, Jean Jacklin, with additional material from Sandi Davenport Belushi, Jimmy's first wife. Its little wonder BB: Private remains the quintessential book on the backstory of Jake, Elwood, and the band. The Aykroyds have had a hand in the history as well. The first foray into Blues Brothers merchandising was spear-headed by Dan's brother, Peter. Judy’s sister, Pam Jacklin has been legal counsel to the expanding Blues Brothers empire since John's death, and Dan's father, "Big" Pete, has acted as a business advisor.

Those family ties remain strong and continue to expand. On a recent video shoot for the Blues Brothers Revue, Judy's daughter, Jessica, assisted with graphic design while her son, Luke, and nephew, Nick Jacklin, crewed for videographer/son-in-law Michael Eu-denbach, who is also the official BB Web photographer. This past year, Billy Belushi has joined the corporate team in managing the multifarious aspects of all things Blues Brothers. Billy also maintains and manages the Blues Brothers Official Site website. And brother Rob Jacklin has thrown his creative hat into the ring as well. Both have been welcomed additions to the team.

And, of course, John's brother Jim continues to perform with Elwood as Brother Zee.

For a couple of orphans, Jake and Elwood are pretty good at looking out for the family.

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OBBR At Preston Arts Center

Date: Feb. 21. 2019

Title: OBBR At Preston Arts Center

Location: Preston Arts Center

Address: 2660 Green St

OBBR At Honeywell Center

Date: Feb. 22. 2019

Title: OBBR At Honeywell Center

Location: Honeywell Cente

Address: 275 W. Market St