New site will serve as the exclusive, officially sanctioned digital domain of 

Jake and Elwood Blues.



THE Blues Brothers Official Site IS NOW ONLINE!


New site will serve as the exclusive, officially sanctioned digital domain of Jake and Elwood Blues.



Hyperspace, Oct., 2012 — Blues Brothers Approved Ventures, LLC is proud to announce the long-anticipated launch of The Blues Brothers Official Site ( Featuring exclusive news, touring info, merchandise, and other informative and entertaining features, this site will be the only Blues Brothers site under the auspices of Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi—the bonafide, sanctioned and legitimate digital-home of Jake and Elwood Blues. 


In the three decades since they first danced and cartwheeled their way onto the scene, The Blues Brothers have become cultural icons, instantly recognizable by their trademark fedoras, Ray Bans, and skinny ties. They’ve inspired two hit movies, multiple gold and platinum albums, Dan Aykroyd’s Bluesmobile Radio Show, a critically acclaimed musical revue, countless imitators and  America’s most successful chain of music venues, the House of Blues, with more than a dozen clubs in Chicago, New Orleans, LA and elsewhere.  


With so much going on, they had to put it all somewhere. 


Over the past decade, thanks to Jake and Elwood’s international cult fan base, dozens of informal fan sites, clubs, Facebook pages and other outlets have proliferated over the Internet. Now, for the first time, all official Blues Brothers news, information and professional projects will be centralized under one easy-to-find, convenient destination.


The Blues Brothers Official Site will offer exclusive news and behind the scenes info on all the current comings and goings of Jake, Elwood and the creative and passionate folks who carry the banner for the duo. The site will host a calendar of upcoming events and even allow users to Book A Gig with any of a variety of Blues Brothers performers, from the legacy Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and blood Brother Zee (Jim Belushi) to stage shows  (the Blues Brothers Revue) and corporate or private party appearances. Fans can also drive through the Dixieland Mall, hitting up ‘Ray’s Music Exchange,’ ‘Elwood’s Video Hut’ and ‘Jake’s World of Books’ (bet you didn't know Jake was a reader…)  to shop from the existing and ever-expanding catalog of Blues Brothers DVDs, albums, memorabilia and merchandise.


“The Blues Brothers have really taken on a life of their own, in exactly the way that John and I intended” says Dan Aykroyd, Chairman and CEO of Blues Brothers Approved Ventures. “The fans have created such a wonderful online community, and we have so many ventures of our own --  from Elwood's radio show, to the various stage acts to a possible Television show, that it made sense to bring everything together under one roof.” Virtual roof, that is. 


In the months ahead, The Blues Brothers Official Site will also bring fans more of its own original content, including viral videos, live performances, and comedic shorts.  “Jake and Elwood, as characters, have transcended the personalities of the men who created them,” says Judith Belushi Pisano, widow of the late John Belushi and President and Chief Creative Officer of BBAV. “They’ve become these iconic characters, inhabiting their own world, and there is still interest in seeing their adventures continue. This site creates an on-line headquarters for the boys.” 


The Blues Brothers, created by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in the late 1970s, made their national debut as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. The group, which grew to include bandleader Paul Shaffer, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Steve Cropper and Donald "Duck" Dunn, among other R&B greats, went on to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 1979 with the live album Briefcase Full of Blues. The following year, the legend of Jake and Elwood would acquire its legendary cult status thanks to the hit film, The Blues Brothers, a feature that paired Belushi and Aykroyd with musical legends James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway, and Ray Charles.


Where in the World

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Date: Dec. 08. 2018

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Address: 777 HARRAH'S RINCON WAY, CA 92082

OBBR At Ram’s Head

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