Happy Birthday, Danny! 66 and Never Better! Always great -- but never better! May this year be your favorite trip around the sun.
We would like to give a big birthday shout out to Dan Aykroyd. Oscar nominated Actor, comic actor, screenwriter, musician, singer, entrepreneur, UfOlogist, spiritualist, Vintner, maker of fine spirits, club owner, honorary deputy, member of the Order of Canada, Husband and father of 3. Born on this day in 1952 the year that saw the first hydrogen boom test, the Helsinki Olympics, The first successful surgical separation of Siamese twins and the first official passenger flight from Los Angeles to Copenhagen.
Posted-July 01, 2018


Where in the World

OBBR at Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre

Date: Oct. 19. 2018

Title: OBBR at Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre

Location: Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre

Address: 9201 Corbould St

OBBR At  Casino Regina

Date: Oct. 20. 2018

Title: OBBR At Casino Regina

Location: Casino Regina

Address: 1880 Saskatchewan Drive