Midnight Farm

I overheard someone say, “This store has some of the best shit in the entire Universe…” and it’s true. Upscale and edgy, Midnight farm has an eclectic inventory to peak just about anyone’s fancy. However, it is dangerous for the faint of heart in terms of sticker shock. I do not have a problem with expensive items. I just can’t afford them. But with careful rummaging, you can find some cool things in every price range. I’ve done the rummaging for you, but if you ever find yourself in proximity, on a cloudy day, you might want to have the fun of exploring for yourself.
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  • Tamara Weiss & Carly Simon Tamara Weiss & Carly Simon Tamara Weiss’s passion for all things beautiful, textural, organic, reclaimed, hand made or unique. Tamara travels the world and gains inspiration from the artists, musicians and friends she meets along the way, including her friend and business partner, Carly Simon.


Where in the World

OBBR At Mount Baker Theatre

Date: Sep. 22. 2018

Title: OBBR At Mount Baker Theatre

Location: Mount Baker Theatre

Address: 104 North Commercial St

OBBR At Eastern States Exposition

Date: Sep. 26. 2018

Title: OBBR At Eastern States Exposition

Location: Eastern States Exposition

Address: 1305 Memorial Ave