Kate Taylor's Wampum

If you've ever had the pleasure to hear Sister Kate sing her songs, with that familial, fine finger-picking on guitar, then you know this woman is filled to the point of overflowing with talent. Her jewelry is crafted from the purple and white shells found on the beautiful beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, where she lives and works.

The specific clamshell from which she shapes her magic is called a quahog and is native to the northern Atlantic Ocean. The Wampum is cut from the central spiral within the shell, then hand crafted into the desired shapes.

Over the past several decades Kate has honed her artistic craftsmanship and unbridled her imagination to create wearable works of art. Today, her distinctive bracelets, earrings, necklaces and beadwork remain among the most popular wampum jewelry ever designed. Jake is a big fan of Kate’s work – a simple beaded wristband is the only bracelet – other than an ID – he’s ever worn. If you’re interested in a creation by Kate, you can make contact at kate@katetaylor.com.
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