Jake's World of Books

You don't spend five years in lock-up without killing more than a few hours down at the prison library. Don't let the wildman persona fool you. "Joliet' Jake was a serious student of the blues. He left us with a marvelous catalog of books on the music he loved — and inspired more than a few chroniclers to put pen to paper himself. Browse the shelves, dust off a cover, and learn what he'd want you to know.

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Where in the World

OBBR At Phoenix Concert Theatre

Date: Feb. 28. 2018

Title: OBBR At Phoenix Concert Theatre

Location: Phoenix Concert Theatre

Address: 410 Sherbourne St,

OBBR At Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

Date: Mar. 01. 2018

Title: OBBR At Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

Location: Wagner Noel Perfroming Arts Center

Address: 1310 N. FM 1788