Official Blues Brothers Revue CD



First Release

A Nod to John Belushi

TRUE BLUE Is the first released from the two hour commemorative Performance in homage to John for bringing joy to so many especially his gift of Jake Blues.

The Official Blues Brothers Revue recreated and honors the soul and energy of Jake and Elwood. With musicians at the top of their game, the Intercontinental rhythm and blues band maintains the integrity of the original band. A great classic to add to any music collection: great songs, great renditons, it's got a good beat and it's fun to dance to!

A special thanks to Dan Aykroyd.

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Where in the World

OBBR At Phoenix Concert Theatre

Date: Feb. 28. 2018

Title: OBBR At Phoenix Concert Theatre

Location: Phoenix Concert Theatre

Address: 410 Sherbourne St,

OBBR At Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

Date: Mar. 01. 2018

Title: OBBR At Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

Location: Wagner Noel Perfroming Arts Center

Address: 1310 N. FM 1788